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Marcia Polenberg

Ted Ramsay

Vic Leo

Mireille Ripley

Joseph Marks

Allen Brooks

BaBarbara Gibson
rbara Gibson

Mark Krecic

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Kay Masini

Durwood Coffey

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Gwen Roth

Tim Tonachella

Welcome! The Dickerson Art Gallery has assembled the works of some of the areas most unique artists, featuring a variety of media. We hope you will stop by often to enjoy the collection, see what’s new, plug into an event  and find that artwork you just can’t live without.

Allen Brooks, Artist Durwood Coffey Durwood Coffey
Mark Krecic, art work Mark Krecic
Joseph Marks, artwork
Marcia Polenberg, artwork Marcia Polenberg
Ted Ramsay, artwork
Mireille Ripley, artwork

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Kay Masini, painter Kay Masini
Barbara Gibson
Barbara Gibson, ceramic Gwen Roth, Photographer
Gwendolyn Roth
Vic Leo
Vic Leo, art work Tim Tonachella, Photographer